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This young man is 13 years old and just getting started with the 4-H pigeon club.

A very gung-ho pigeon kid.  He has fixed up a loft that was given to him and only

has a hand full of pigeons. 

We enjoyed posting his experience with his prize possession "1049"

                                                      James Duke

                                                            August 24,2006

MY OWN 1049

        One day I went on the Internet and wanted to find out about pigeons.  I saw a lady that looked like she would be perfect, so I gave her a call.  We got to talking and she told me about a guy that lives in Dallas, real close to me.  So I gave Mr. King a call and he told me about a man by the name John Fontana.  So Mr. King gave me his phone number and I gave him a call.

        He introduces himself by the name of Mr. John.  I asked if I could come over and look at his loft.  He said," Come on over, James!"

        His loft was so big it had an office.  A loft is a place that you can walk in, where the pigeons live.  He talked to me about the loft and pigeons.  So he ended up giving me four pigeons.  The pigeon I want to talk about is one of those pigeons, 1049.  My best pigeon, until something bad happened.  But you all don't want to know what happens to 1049, I mean who wants to know why he was not good anymore?  Well, he was a blue bar, I will tell you that a blue bar is when the pigeon has a blue bar on its wing.

        OK, I will tell you what happened to 1049.  It was about five months ago.  I was trying to catch 1049 to put him outside.  I must of broke his wing.  Because after that, he couldn't fly at all.  So I called Mr. John.  He said I probably broke his wing and that I would probably have to kill it.  That made me very upset because he was my best pigeon.  He came from a very good set of breeders.  I didn't kill him.  I wanted to see how he could make it without being able to fly.  He couldn't even stretch his wings.  A week went by, still couldn't use that right wing.  Another week went by, still couldn't use his wing. 

        I took all my pigeons and got them medicated by Mr. John's grandson, Johnny.  After that medication he could hop around some and fly up about five feet.  Then go on the landing board.  So one day I decided to try to let him fly.

        Guess what?. he flew around the house about two times and then disappeared.  About five minutes later I saw him.   He was flying so fast!  I was so happy!  This was the first time I had ever seen him fly!  It was going so good, until he came in to land.  1049 was heading for a tree, and was going way too fast.  1049 hit the tree and fell to the ground, then walked right to me.  I picked him up and felt of his wing.  He was shaking with joy, so was I.  The next time I let him out he flew great.  Well until he hit the house.  He survived the crash.

        Now he flies with all the other pigeons.  I think he is one of my best birds.  HIS NAME IS 1049, because his leg band number is #1049.



Rock City Rangers 4-H Club

Homing Pigeon Project

Project Update for February 2006



February 20, 2006

On behalf of the Rock City Rangers 4-H Club, we would like to thank you for your support during the 2005 young bird racing season. Thank you especially for donating birds to our club loft, for allowing us to place our birds on the race trailer and especially for your encouragement and enthusiasm. The boys really learned a lot about teamwork during shipping nights.

We would like to specifically thank the following people for their support.

John Fontana For your leadership and devotion to our project

For your guidance and assistance in building Addison Gomez’s new loft

Don Rice For donating birds, magazines, a wind meter and even a “good luck”

Clydesdale horseshoe for Johnny’s loft

Charles Dismore For loaning our club the Blue Computer Clock

Durwood Parker For loaning us the DVD’s, Marathon in the Sky and Share the Blue Sky

North East Dallas Racing Club For all of your encouragement and support

Windlands Feed For donating a bag of feed

• Thank you especially to the following fliers for donating birds:

John Fontana’s Loft Louis Lopez’s Loft Gary Taylor’s Loft

Fred King’s Loft Charles Dismore’s Loft Don Rice’s Loft

Dennis Plant’s Loft Melton McKown’s Loft James Smith’s Loft

Royse Bynum’s Loft Steve Seals’s Loft Durwood Parker’s Loft

L.B. & Jill Tiner’s Loft Vinny Montagno’s Loft

We appreciate your continued encouragement and involvement as we seek to teach our young fliers about the great sport of racing homing pigeons.

These young fliers are currently accepting young birds for the 2006 young bird racing season. If you would like to donate a bird, please contact our sponsor, John Fontana at to make arrangements for transport. Thank you for your interest in our club and also for your faithful support.


Johnny Gutilla and Addison Gomez

Rock City Rangers 4-H Club, Pigeon Project

Angie Gutilla and Sandy Gomez

Club Managers, Rock City Rangers 4-H Club


Rock City Rangers 4-H Club

Homing Pigeon Project

Project Update for February 2006

Inaugural Racing Season

Johnny Gutilla and Addison Gomez had a successful inaugural racing season flying birds out of Johnny’s Red Baron Loft in Royse City. The boys learned responsibility while caring for the birds, patience while waiting for the birds on race day and the true meaning of friendship.


Prize Winning Speech

The boys entered the 4-H Fall Round Up Public Speaking Contest this past fall and won First Place both at County and District competition with their speech, “Racing Homing Pigeons.”


Pigeon Breeding

Recently, Johnny has successfully bred a pair of birds. His eggs hatched on February 6th.


Construction of a New Pigeon Loft

Addison Gomez began construction on his own

pigeon loft this winter and will soon be ready for

a race team of his own.

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